Click to download a printable, PDF copy of Flat Tricia

Click to download a printable, PDF copy of Flat Tricia

Flat Tricia

A message from our owner, Tricia Knott

Guess Who is Turning 55 March 6th??

ME!  It is that time of year again and I came up with the best idea ever for ME!

I was at Denny’s a couple of week ago, right after physical therapy for my aging body.  I looked and saw the 55 and OVER MENU, it hit me.  I could get a free meal on my birthday, which is useful with all the rain!!! And I created FLAT TRICIA

I don’t expect everyone to play, but if I send 50, I am sure to get 49 back.  I am the eternal optimist.

Happy Birthday to ME! 


The Game

Flat Stanley was a book written in 1964 that I had not heard of until my girls had the Flat Stanley Project in second grade.  The Flat Stanley Project started in 1995 and anyone that has seen Flat Stanley knows he can go anywhere.  So can Flat Tricia! 

For my birthday, I would like you to print out Flat Tricia, you can color her, cut her out, dress her up, you just cannot defame or deface Flat Tricia.  She is very sensitive and is now only becoming the trailblazer she always wanted to be.

I hope that after you take Flat Tricia somewhere special, you will email me back the pictures with a little story. 

Have Fun and Happy Birthday to Me

Free Volcano Car Wash

If customers bring in a picture to the Rosecrans location, they will get a free Volcano Wash.