Newest Design Trends Incorporate Lessons from Retailers

Sheryl S. Jackson profiled the latest trend in car washes: bright, modern, technology focused, and conservation minded businesses. In the article, which appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Car Wash Magazine, Green Forest Car Wash owner Tricia Knott is quoted sharing insights into how her washes leverage technology to minimize environmental impact, reduce water usage and provide a superior car wash with a focus on the customer experience.

Creating a good customer experience that takes the entire family into consideration is another trend appearing in some areas. At Green Forest Car Wash, a jungle theme that features elephants spraying foam on the car along with cloths that look like leaves and the site decorated with rainforest themed items makes a routine task - washing the car - fun for children. "We've heard from parents who say their children ask to go to the car wash," said Knott. "McDonald's has successfully marketed its restaurants by appealing to children, so this not only makes sense but also sets us apart in the market."

Because more customers are environmentally conscious, it's important to let customers know that your business is as well. Although many car wash owners use reclaimed water in their businesses, Knott was one of the first in her area to use an aboveground reclaim system. "This is a more environmentally sound approach because I can spot leaks before water goes into the ground, and I am not disturbing the ground by burying a system," she said. Owners moving toward above ground systems are finding them more cost-effective during construction and throughout the life of the system since maintenance is easier.

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