Frequently Asked Questions

What is an express drive-thru wash?

Express drive-thru means you stay inside your vehicle while our machines expertly and quickly wash it.

Do I stay in my vehicle?

Yes. After you pay just drive forward and a staff member will guide you onto the track. Then, put your vehicle in neutral and take your foot off the brake. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride through jungle!

What kind of vehicles can go through your wash?

We wash vehicles up to 92” (7.6 ft.) high: sedans, vans, SUVs, trucks (with an EMPTY truck bed), and convertibles (as long as the top is up…unless you need to get clean too!)

No three wheeled vehicles allowed.

Do you do detailing?

We do not provide any detailing services.

How about drying and vacuuming my vehicle?

We have power dryers at the end of the tunnel, and, even if your vehicle is not fully dry, our final reverse osmosis rinse dries without spots. While our staff does not touch your vehicle, excellent FREE vacuums are available in the parking lot for your use.

Can I take my vehicle through in any condition?

Vehicles that have been involved in a recent accident or have broken parts should not go through the wash. Our staff tries to help by taping windows, removing antennas, and taping window wipers, but there is a risk with loose or faulty parts.