Saving our resources one car at a time!

We're green! We're a big green building that's easy to find at any of our locations, but we're more than a color. At Green Forest, we are committed to protecting our precious resources with “green” products and processes in every part of our operation - while working to get your dirty vehicle clean and shiny. We are also a member of the car wash association's Water Savers club, an exclusive group of car washes especially dedicated to the environment.  Click here to learn more about the program.


The most important resource needed to wash a vehicle is water. We save as much water as possible by conserving, recycling, and treating it. Washing a vehicle at home uses from 40-80 gallons of fresh water. At Green Forest, we get your vehicle sparkling clean with 20-30 gallons of fresh water, less than a standard load of laundry!

All of the water we use to wash your vehicle is then recycled. We collect it in the conveyor pit, store it in our above-ground 1,500 gallon tanks (you'll see them in front of the wash tunnel), and carefully filter it. Fresh water is used only in the final rinse, but even that is collected, filtered and re-cycled. Our water conservation procedures have made us WaterSavers™ members by the International Carwash Association.

Ground Water

To keep this important water source clean, we store our water above ground in 1,500 gallon tanks. While some car washes may recycle water, they store it below ground where the risk of ground water pollution is much higher. With our above-ground reclamation system, we make sure our water doesn't leech out into the ground water.

Saving the Ocean

We need our ocean and beaches to be clean for marine life, fishing and our own recreation. With storm drain systems leading right into the ocean, the less waste that flows there, the better for all of us. We collect and filter as much as we can. The synthetic grass we use on the car wash floor collects brake dust and grease, the smallest and most difficult elements to filter out of our water. We clean our grass with a wet vacuum to keep it contained and out of the sewer systems When we see how much waste our reclaim system collects, we know Green Forest is a great environmental alternative to washing cars at home.

Cleaning with Green

We must use soap to get your vehicle clean, so we only use soaps that are are biodegradable and certified Blue Coral Beyond Green by Ecolab®. To help Mother Nature with the long, slow process of breaking down oil into harmless byproducts of carbon, carbon dioxide, and lipids (which is food for fish and plants), we add special microbes to our reclaimed water so fewer foreign materials run into the sewer.

Energy Savings

We limit our electricity consumption with a custom-designed system that uses as little energy as possible to power our equipment. All of our equipment uses low horsepower (hp) - with no motors over 20 hp. While most car wash dryers are well over 100hp and go upwards to 200hp, Green Forest's dryers are only 15hp. Our water pump and vacuum systems were also designed to conserve energy. We have two vacuum systems and two pumps. Instead of both of each working all the time, we only turn on the second one when the volume of vehicles makes it necessary.