Each Green Forest Car Wash offers a unique set of services, so be sure to check the locations page to find out exactly what you will be getting! All car washes include all of the basic services in their less expensive Jungle Washes.

Basic SErvices:

Our machines use some of the softest material possible when washing your car

Our machines use some of the softest material possible when washing your car

Soft Lamms Cloth Rub - Large green cloths will rub your car down to help loosen up any stubborn blemishes.

Wheel Brite - Each wheel gets a quick squirt of cleaner as it enters the car wash.

Spot Free Rinse - Powerful water jets will work to clean away any dirt on your car.

Power Air Dry - As you exit the car wash automatic dryers blow-dry your car so you can drive straight off with a clean exterior.

Self Serve Vacuums - Each wash has multiple vacuum stations with trash cans.  Use these to get the inside of your car feeling as fresh as the outside!

 A Bubblecano Foam Bath at Bell Gardens

 A Bubblecano Foam Bath at Bell Gardens

Premium Services:

Bubblecano Foam Bath - An extra special themed wash.  This soap applicator lights up as it gives your car an upgraded soap for that extra shine.

RainX Application - Covers your car with a coat of RainX to make rain and water bead on treated surfaces so that it will fall off on contact.  No need for drying or windshield wipers after a fresh coat!

Armor All® Tire Shine - Rejuvenates, protects, and shines tires without drying out.

Beeswax / Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine / Blue Coral Wax - Wax seals and protects your paint job, an important part of exterior car care!  Also provides a noticeably glossier shine that will make your car stand out. Read more about getting your car waxed...